Who Am I?

I’m a former special ed teacher and a current law student. I’m an avid reader. I’m the most introverted person I know. I’m obsessed with honesty. I’m blind. And I’m a lay-ordained Buddhist. But more than any of that, I’m an advocate. And the greatest struggle of my life is reconciling advocacy with awareness.

Disabled people being sat in the corner because others know best. Minorities feeling powerless against utterly indifferent governmental agencies. Family members getting away with untold horrors behind closed doors. These are the things that make me feel compelled to take action. And yet, I’m Buddhist! Aren’t I supposed to stay out of it?

In brief, I hold two seemingly contradictory worldviews. On one hand, I truly believe that life is best lived on receive. On the other, I patently refuse to stand back and watch as ableism, racism, classism, and child abuse go unchecked. After all, “The hottest corners of hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

Life is messy. Emotions are complicated. All I can do is to observe. So this blog is my commitment to do just that.

I will write about that messiness to the best of my ability. This blog, like my identity, will be equal parts blindness and mindfulness; awareness and advocacy. Over time, I may come to understand that the dichotomy is all in my head. Or perhaps my understanding of advocacy will change entirely. Either way, I’ll learn something. Thank you for being willing to learn alongside.

With warmth and deep gratitude,